Best Crypto Exchange Australia

Adam Morris
— Last Updated on July 11, 2023

The best crypto exchanges in Australia are those that can balance a feature-rich platform with bulletproof security, responsive customer support, and a competitive fee structure.

We’ve reviewed over 80 exchanges over the past few years, looking at factors like supported currencies, fees, ease of use, security, and more.

We regularly update our top exchanges list to reflect the ever-changing crypto market.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Australia

  1. Swyftx – Best crypto exchange overall ($20 BTC sign-up bonus)
  2. Coinspot – Best exchange for beginners
  3. Binance – Best for day traders
  4. Bybit – Best for Active Traders
  5. – Best for passive income
  6. CoinJar – Oldest Australian exchange
  7. Independent Reserve – Best exchange for OTC purchases
  8. Coinbase – Biggest international exchange for beginners
  9. Coinmama – International crypto broker with great payment options
  10. eToro – Best for CFD crypto trading

These are our top 3 compared!

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Best Australian Crypto Exchanges in 2023 – Reviews

1. Swyftx: Best overall

Looking at all the exchanges we’ve reviewed, Swyftx – an AUSTRAC-registered cryptocurrency exchange based in Milton, QLD – is by far the best crypto trading platform for local traders.

Swyftx Features

It’s really comforting to learn that there is a locally based exchange that offers over 200 cryptocurrencies that you can trade against AUD, USD, and BTC. This means that beginners don’t have to worry about exchanging fiat into crypto on other platforms anymore.

Another thing I liked about Swyftx is the transparent pricing system – the exchange has some of the most competitive fees in the industry. The trading fee is a nominal 0.6% and there are no fees on deposits and withdrawals. Compared to the industry average spread of 5.2%, Swyftx charges between 0.2% and 0.8%.

As a fully licensed exchange, Swyftx complies with AML and KYC policies. To reduce the length of the upfront KYC, the platform applies transaction monitoring programs, which is why I was able to finish the registration and verification process in just two minutes. By completing the KYC check, I was given a daily deposit limit of 20,000 AUD.

In terms of security, you should know that the platform takes great care to secure your account using 2FA and breached password detection, on top of frequent penetration testing done by experts.

At this point, I can safely say that no other cryptocurrency exchange in Australia offers the same quality when it comes to user experience as a whole, which is why our team wholeheartedly recommends Swyftx as the best place to buy crypto.


  • Very user-friendly
  • Big range of cryptocurrencies
  • Fast verification process
  • Great mobile app
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Available only for Australia and New Zealand

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Swyftx Details

Swyftx logo

300+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • 100% Australian exchange
  • 4.8/5 Trustpilot score
  • Registered with AUSTRAC
  • Instant AUD withdrawals
  • OTC and SMSF options
  • Live Chat and Phone Support
  • Recurring orders
  • Demo mode available
  • Real-time price feed & API
  • Stop, On Trigger & Market Orders
  • Full tax reporting


  • Trading fees: 0.6%
  • Fiat deposit fees: $0
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: $0
  • Crypto deposit fees: network fees
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: network fees
  • Spreads: 0.45%+

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2. CoinSpot: Best exchange for beginners

CoinSpot is another Australian cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2013. I know this trading platform as a common entry point for traders because of its easy-to-use interface aimed to attract both novices and experienced traders alike.

Coinspot site

After landing on the platform, I realized that it supports a wide range of cryptos, from the most prominent ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum to some lesser-known altcoins.

The available deposit methods include POLi, PayID, BPAY, cash, or direct deposit/bank transfer. Moreover, it caught my eye that institutional traders are also welcome to use CoinSpot’s OTC desk for large-volume orders.

The only drawback I found to my entire CoinSpot experience is their fee schedule, which incurs slightly higher commissions than the industry average. The transaction fees for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies are all set at 1%. The same fee applies to stop-loss, buy-stop, and buy-limit orders.

To register for an account, I had to provide the exchange with a photo of a government-issued ID and a scanned copy of a utility bill to prove my address. Finally, CoinSpot is renowned for its impeccable customer service thanks to its team’s high responsiveness to customer queries. Coinspot is arguably the easiest crypto exchange in Australia.


  • Recurring buys
  • NFT platform
  • Easy to use
  • No withdrawal fees


  • No advanced trading platform
  • Higher trading fees

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CoinSpot Details

CoinSpot logo

360+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • AUSTRAC registered
  • ISO 27001 accredited security standards
  • OTC trading available
  • Includes multicurrency wallet
  • User-friendly trading platform
  • Coinspot Bundles help diversify your portfolio
  • Free crypto staking
  • Great mobile app
  • 24/7 customer support via email or phone
  • Live chat support team
  • NFT marketplace


  • Trading fees: 1% for instant buy/sell orders
  • Fiat deposit fees: $0 (PayID, OSKO, or POLi) / 0.9% (BPAY) / 2.5% (Blueshyft)
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: $0
  • Crypto deposit fees: $0
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: Network fees
  • Staking fees: $0

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3. Binance: Best exchange for day traders

Binance is always the first choice for international crypto services, and I’ll tell you why. The platform was launched in 2017, and for a relatively short time, it has managed to steal the hearts of thousands of traders around the world due to the rich diversity of trading opportunities under one roof (hence the massive trading volumes there).

Binance was originally headquartered in China, but due to regulatory problems, the company was relocated to Malta, an island known for being crypto-friendly.

Binance site 1

First and foremost, traders worldwide praise Binance for the variety of cryptocurrencies it has on offer, and I’m not an exception.

It has given me a unique chance to invest in some of the most obscure but potentially lucrative tokens and engage myself in margin trading for the first time once I felt confident enough in my trading skills.

In fact, I’d say that Binance is the best crypto exchange for advanced traders. Definitely one of the best crypto margin trading platforms around – they even have a native token called BNB that traders can use to get a discount on the trading fees, i.e., cut them in half.

In terms of user and account protection, I had the impression of dealing with a trustworthy platform that goes the extra mile to introduce top-notch security methods for its customers’ funds.

The best feature that I believe sets this platform apart is the Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) which functions as this pooling vault to which Binance distributes 10% of all collected fees.

In May 2019, when the platform was hacked successfully, Binance was able to reimburse the lost funds to its users by drawing out funds from SAFU.

On top of this, Binance also has some of the lowest fees you can find.


  • Advanced trading platform
  • Futures trading
  • Massive range of cryptocurrencies
  • Great trading fees
  • Highest liquidity on the market


  • Not super beginner-friendly
  • Support could be better
  • No AUD on- or off-ramp

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Binance Details

binance logo

350+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • Largest and most liquid exchange platform 
  • Supports 50+ fiat currencies, but not AUD.
  • Supports short selling 
  • BNB token can give you 25% rebate on trading fees
  • Binance Lite for beginner-friendly interface
  • Trade anywhere with Binance mobile
  • Trust Wallet with price market fluctuations 
  • Up to 125x leverage margin 
  • Has its own NFT marketplace 
  • Peer-to-peer trading available 


  • Fiat deposit fees: $0 
  • Maker fees: 0.1% 
  • Taker fees: 0.1%
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: $0
  • Crypto deposit fees: $0
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: Network fees 
  • Buy and sell trading fees: 0.5%

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4. ByBit: Best for Advanced Active Traders

ByBit is a reliable partner for the thousands of traders who enjoy the thrill of speculating on perpetual swap futures and other crypto products that are among the most volatile on the market. This cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform operates globally, but it’s not your average cryptocurrency exchange. And here’s why.

As you may have guessed, trading cryptocurrency derivative contracts with leverage of up to 100x is ByBit’s primary focus. Once registered, all ByBit users gain access to the same suite of financial services and are allowed to invest in perpetual crypto derivative contracts denominated in USD for Bitcoin (BTC), Eos (EOS), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and USDT.

Bybit website

Moreover, the prices and quantities of the traded coins are quoted in fiat currencies, while the ByBit contracts are settled in the underlying asset. So, suppose you want to invest in cryptocurrency but don’t want to deal with the complexities of trading digital currencies directly. In that case, you might consider investing in derivatives through this P2P platform.

Regarding the other ByBit features, you have plenty of innovative trading options to realise your trading strategy successfully. Namely, ByBit not only allows you to invest in crypto derivatives on a variety of contracts, but it also provides a copy trading option to streamline the trading operation. By automatically emulating the most successful trading approach, copy trading helps you save time and resources.

You can also employ ByBit’s trading bots to trade your favourite coins on your behalf. Given the notoriously volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, I believe automated trading bots are a great aid to any trader, as they will ensure that you do not miss out on a lucrative opportunity.

In the bargain, ByBit offers stellar security and some of the lowest trading fees, which further help you make the best out of your trading strategy. As a downside, you should be aware of the exchange’s steep withdrawal fees.


  • Offers up to 100x leverage on crypto
  • Advanced crypto tools supported by great technology
  • Has a risk-free test environment to experiment and learn
  • Offers learning materials and educational resources


  • Crypto derivatives are extremely risky

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ByBit Details

Bybit colored logo

220+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • Perpetual and futures trading
  • Derivatives and spot trading
  • Margin trading with up to 100x leverage
  • FREE $10 BTC when you register with this with this link and complete the KYC process
  • Testnet platform to practice trading with no risk
  • Insurance fund to protect users
  • Fiat gateway for convenient deposits
  • Supports take profit and stop loss orders
  • Reliable platform and rapid trade speed
  • Mobile app available on both Android and iOS phones
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Fiat deposit fees: $0
  • Instant Buy fees (Visa/Mastercard): $0
  • Maker fees: 0.01%
  • Taker fees: 0.06%
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: Does not support direct fiat withdrawals
  • Crypto deposit fees: $0
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: Network fees

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5. Best for Passive Income is a great crypto trading platform that is available on both desktop and mobile. Not only can you buy and sell digital assets, but there are also a lot of extra features like the NFT marketplace, Visa debit card, earning, and staking.

One of the main reasons why is popular is because it offers more than 250+ crypto coins that users can buy, sell, or trade. The list of supported cryptocurrencies includes BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, DOGE, SOL, and CRO (which is the exchange’s very own coin). The good thing about CRO is that you can stake it to reduce trading fees, earn rewards, and provide cash back on purchases via a Visa debit card. homepage also offers its own metal Visa debit card. Aside from looking cool, this card comes with several benefits. With this card, you’ll receive different rewards according to the level of card you have – which is determined by the number of CRO coins you staked. You can get up to 5% cash back on purchases, get 100% rebates on Spotify and Netflix subscriptions, 10% rebates on Expedia and AirBNB bookings, and even Airport lounge access!

One of the main advantages of is called Earn, which is a way for you to earn interest on your digital assets while ‘hodling’ them. There are more than 40+ cryptocurrencies available for staking, and the interest is released every week in the coin that you have a stake on. In fact, you can even increase your interest rate or yield on your staked crypto based on how much CRO coin you’ve staked.

And lastly, comes with excellent customer support. The best part is that they have live chat support ready to help you any time of the day. On very peak days, though, your chat will be replied to by email at a later point, and you can reply to their email through Live Chat if you like. Overall,’s support team is pretty responsive, depending on how busy they are. Their email ticketing system is also good if you’re not in a rush.


  • Derivatives and margin trading are available on desktop exchange
  • Insurance cover on digital assets
  • Lend and borrow crypto fast and easily
  • Visa debit card comes with 5% cashback on purchases and extra benefits like Airport Lounge access
  • More than 250+ crypto with staking available on 40+ coins


  • Visa card may need currency conversion fees
  • Desktop website is limited to trading with only BTC, USDC, USDT, and CRO


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250+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS
  • Desktop exchange with derivatives, margin trading, and spot trading
  • Live Chat support available
  • More than 250+ different cryptocurrencies available
  • Crypto Earn – stake more than 40+ coins to earn interest
  • CRO coin – stake’s very own coin for extra benefits
  • Crypto Credit – get an instant crypto loan with no deadlines
  • Visa debit card – get up to 5% cashback and other benefits
  • Free fiat withdrawals and deposits
  • Pay – pay with cryptocurrency and earn rewards
  • Insurance for your crypto holdings
  • NFT Marketplace for buying and selling NFTs


  • Fiat deposit fees: $0
  • Instant Buy fees (Visa/Mastercard): $0
  • Maker fees: 0.04% to 0.4%
  • Taker fees: 0.04% to 0.4%
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: FREE via bank transfer but $25 for SWIFT Network
  • Crypto deposit fees: 0%
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: Network fees


6. CoinJar: Oldest Australian exchange

CoinJar was the first crypto exchange to be launched in Australia back in 2013. It’s impressive how they have stood the test of time and expanded overseas. The exchange was originally headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and then registered as a UK crypto exchange a year later.

CoinJar site

So much has changed since the last time I visited CoinJar. Obviously, it has been at the forefront of many great technological advancements including the CoinJar card (powered by Mastercard) that allows you to spend your crypto like cash.

However, I’d like to point out that the exchange has a limited amount of cryptocurrencies it supports compared to some exchanges featured on this list but they allow a number of deposit methods including PayID, Blueshyft cash deposits (the only common exchange that supports this option), USD trading and USD deposit and withdrawals using Fedwire, Swift for customers in AU and UK, as well as regular bank transfers. So they now support 4 fiat currencies (AUD, USD, EUR, GBP) for trading and 3 currencies for withdrawals and deposits (AUD, EUR, GBP). When looking for a debit card payment, I found that they’re also accepted via the CoinJar Bundles feature.

CoinJar Bundles allows you to choose a bundle of cryptocurrencies that you can regularly buy to get exposure to a number of different cryptos. I’m sure it can be a great tool for beginners.

The pricing, however, didn’t surprise me — CoinJar has a flat fee of 1% for buy and sell orders but you can easily cut those fees down to 0.04% as your trading volume progresses.


  • User-friendly
  • Bundles and recurring buys 
  • CoinJar Mastercard
  • CoinJar reward points


  • Smaller range of cryptocurrencies

Visit CoinJar

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CoinJar Details

Coinjar logo

60 cryptocurrencies supported


  • AUSTRAC regulated exchange 
  • Quick verification time (less than 10 minutes)
  • Provides OTC trading 
  • Rated 4.2 /5 on TrusPilot
  • Highly rated mobile app for iOS and Android 
  • Coinjar Bundles to diversify your portfolio
  • Earn reward points to pay exchange fees with Coinjar Rewards 
  • Secure Coinjar wallet 
  • Pay with crypto using Coinjar Card with no monthly or activation fees


  • Fiat deposit fees: $0 (PayID, Bank Transfer) / 1.5% (Blushyft cash) 
  • Instant Buy fees (Visa/Mastercard): 2%
  • Maker fees: 0% – 0.1% 
  • Taker fees: 0.06% – 0.1%
  • Conversion fees (Fiat & Crypto): 1% 
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: $0
  • Crypto deposit fees: $0
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: Variable network fees

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7. Independent Reserve: Best for OTC purchases

The next crypto exchange on our list, Independent Reserve, is also native to Australia, and from my personal experience, it has proved itself to be a reliable platform for crypto trading over the years.

IR is a veteran of the Australian crypto scene and supports a total of 13 cryptocurrencies, including the most popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple. Despite the limited choice, I also noticed a handful of other promising altcoins like EOS, XLM, BAT, GNT, REP, OMG, 0x, and PLA.

Independent Reserve features

From the perspective of an Australian-based user, I really liked that the exchange accepts a range of payment methods such as EFT (bank transfer), Osko, SWIFT, PayID, POLi, etc.

You can use AUD, USD, or NZD. Compared to other exchanges of this type, the IR fees are incredibly low, starting from 0.5%, and can decrease to 0.05% depending on your trading volume.

I decided to go for the Premium account and benefit from the full insurance on my crypto holdings. Namely, this upgrade ensures guaranteed protection of my account against a breach of IR’s security, employee theft, or loss of funds from my IR bitcoin wallet.

Moreover, IR uses offline, multi-layer encryption for your funds and stores them in cold storage, i.e., offline digital hardware storage devices kept in secure vaults in different locations.

However, I couldn’t help but notice that the exchange has a slight learning curve to it, which is why we recommend it to more experienced traders.


  • OTC desk
  • Robust security


  • A small range of cryptocurrencies on offer

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Independent Reserve Details

Independent reserve logo

30+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • Gold certified member of Blockchain Australia
  • Supports 30+ cryptocurrencies
  • Accepts AUD, NZD, SGD, and USD fiat currencies 
  • Supported in 40+ countries worldwide
  • Library of best trading strategies you can copy using AutoTrader
  • Insured funds for Premium Users
  • iOS and Android supported mobile app
  • Integrated with TradeView charting
  • Accommodates various order types
  • OTC trading available
  • 24/7 customer support 


  • Trading fees: 0.02% – 0.5%
  • Fiat deposit fees: $0 for AUD 100 and above
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: $0 for AUD electronic funds transfer
  • Crypto deposit fees: $0
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: Depends on crypto

Visit Independent Reserve

8. Coinbase

To my knowledge, Coinbase is the most mainstream crypto brand on an international level. This American-based brokerage service was launched in 2012 and since then, it’s followed a highly regulated sequence of growth.

Coinbase is registered as a Money Services Business with FinCEN and has obtained numerous licenses from reliable financial regulators.

Coinbase site

My view is that Coinbase is a great choice for crypto traders, especially beginners, due to its user-friendliness and easily navigable interface. They support an insane amount of cryptocurrencies as well, which didn’t used to be the case.

Coinbase has a strict Digital Asset Framework that assesses each currency’s metrics (e.g. market capitalization, liquidity, customer demand, velocity) before deciding whether to add support for that coin or not.

Another Coinbase feature that I personally appreciate is the variety of payment methods. Thus, you can choose to pay with a debit card for small investments, wire transfer for large investments, or bank account for either. On that account, I was fully aware of the fact that the platform may incur higher fees for its brokerage services.

Well, the trading fees range between 1.49% and 3.99% but on the other hand, the exchange offers superb account protection. I was able to activate one of the three types of 2FA available, a withdrawal whitelist, a Coinbase wallet, and a vault during the registration process.

It just felt good to know that all of the stored sensitive data is properly encrypted and funds are kept in cold storage.


  • User-friendly
  • Global and trusted
  • Coinbase Pro for advanced traders


  • Expensive fees

Visit Coinbase

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Coinbase Details

Coinbase logo

50+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • International cryptocurrency exchange
  • High liquidity platform
  • Available in 100+ countries worldwide
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Multi-coin support digital wallet by Coinbase 
  • Coinbase PRO for more experienced users 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Integrated NFT marketplace
  • Spend crypto or fiat with no fees via Coinbase Card 
  • Earn up to 5.75% APY through Coinbase Earn


  • Credit/Debit Card Fee: 3.99%
  • Taker Fee: 0.60% ($0-10K) – 0.05% ($500M+)
  • Maker Fee: 0.40% ($0-10K) – 0% ($500M+)
  • Fiat deposit fees: Depends on the method
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: Depends on the method

Visit Coinbase

9. Coinmama

This exchange has been around since 2013 and has grown into a well-known and reliable marketplace. Coinmama is different from any other crypto platform I have visited before.

The exchange doesn’t facilitate trades between buyers and sellers but sells all supported cryptocurrencies from its own inventory. As a result, their platform is very easy to use and allows users to buy the top cryptocurrencies with a variety of payment methods like bank transfer, debit cards, credit cards, etc.


Coinmama doesn’t have an advanced trading platform like Swyftx or Binance, yet I really appreciated the effort that went into purchasing my favourite coin as easily as possible.

I also liked their dynamic customer support, with options such as support tickets, email, and live chat (during business hours only).

Coinmama is mainly an international exchange, supporting over 180 countries and millions of satisfied customers. The only thing that would possibly set me back is their fees, both for debit/credit cards, and crypto trading fees.

The platform didn’t include the 5% service fee into the price of the asset when listing them, so I was rather taken aback when placing the order. Also, I would like to see more coins available, as at the moment they only have around 10 coins on offer.

All in all, they’re not bad at all, but the lack of an advanced trading platform and the high fees hurts their rating in my comparison a bit.


  • Easy to purchase crypto with
  • A lot of payment methods


  • No wallet functionality
  • High fees

Visit Coinmama

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Coinmama Details

Coinmama logo

8+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • Available in 180+ countries 
  • Various payment methods available
  • Accepts almost every fiat currency
  • Quick account verification
  • Discount of up to 25% on fees via the Coinmama loyalty program
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and email
  • Coinmama charges are based on the market rate of TradeBlock’s XBX Index plus 2%
  • High spending limits depending on verification level


  • Buying fees: 5% (credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay) / $0 (Instant bank transfer, ACH, Fedwire, SEPA, Swift)
  • Commission fees: 0.99% – 3.90%

Visit Coinmama

10. eToro: Best for CFD crypto trading

Founded in 2006, eToro is a multi-asset company that knows how to keep users busy with 2,000+ trading products including CFDs, securities, ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrencies and much more.

However, I was really tempted to try eToro’s best-known feature — its copy-trading platform, where traders can mimic the trading strategies of other investors across. I’m sure that beginners with no previous trading experience will find this option essential to practice their trading strategies.


I like how experienced and meticulous they are at what they do. You can see that by how user-friendly the platform is and the types of security methods they use (2FA, cold storage, and SSL encryption).

In Australia, eToro is licensed by the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) under the trading name eToro AUS Capital Pty Ltd. As for customer support, I discovered they have both a live chat feature and support tickets available for direct communication.

Finally, something to keep in mind with eToro is the way their daily fees work — you can find all the fees on their website. Note that they have an inactivity fee of $10/month if you don’t log in for over 12 months.


  • Low minimum to begin investing.
  • Match moves of popular traders.


  • High fees

Visit eToro

AFSL 491139. Leveraged positions and short positions are OTC Derivatives, regulated financial product. Capital at risk. See PDS and TMD.

Non-leveraged buy positions are real crypto assets and not regulated. No consumer protection. Capital at risk.

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eToro Details

eToro logo

70+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • ASIC-regulated platform
  • Easy sign-up process
  • CopyTrader allows you to replicate other investors’ actions in real time
  • Highly rated mobile app for Android and iOS
  • eToro multicurrency wallet
  • Social trading feature
  • Capable of shorting
  • Comes with advanced charts and analysis tools
  • Customized Watchlist with real-time updates
  • Curated Smart portfolios to instantly diversify your assets
  • $100,000 demo account


  • Trading fees: 1%
  • Deposit fees: $0 (conversion fees vary)
  • Withdrawal fees: $5

Visit eToro

11. Kraken

Founded in 2011 by Jesse Powell, Kraken is an exceptionally reliable and experienced cryptocurrency exchange. It provides traders from almost any country (and most US states) with a highly professional environment for spot and futures margin trading. I heartily recommend this advanced platform to experienced traders, who — for sure — will feel right at home.


Surprisingly enough, their fees are pretty good (against what I got using the platform) and go up to 0.26%. They have over 50 cryptocurrencies on offer but I was impressed by the wide list of options for fiat payments including USD, CAD, GBP, YPY, EUR, AUD, and CHF. This made a great difference to me, as I didn’t lose any money by converting AUD to another fiat currency.

Kraken takes security extremely seriously and keeps most of its currency offline. They even have a bug bounty if a third party discovers an exploit or security vulnerability.

On top of that, if you’re planning to get a short break from trading, I learnt that you can secure your account by activating Kraken’s Global Settings Lock and Master Key that block unauthorized account changes.

In the end, you should, by all means, download one of the three available Kraken mobile apps for a full trading experience.


  • Great security
  • Trusted and international
  • Wide range of fiat currencies


  • High minimums on deposits and withdrawals

Visit Kraken

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Kraken Details

Kraken Logo

100+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • US-based cryptocurrency exchange
  • Highly secured platform
  • 190+ countries supported worldwide
  • Excellent mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Kraken PRO for advanced traders
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, email
  • Cryptowatch enables price and volume alerts
  • Up to 5x leverage (margin trading)
  • OTC trading available
  • Integrated NFT marketplace (new!)


  • Maker fees: 0% – 0.16%
  • Taker fees: 0.10% – 0.26%
  • Fiat deposit fees for AUD: $0 (bank transfer/Osko, Swift/etana custody)
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees for AUD: $0 (bank transfer, Osko)
  • Crypto Withdrawal fees: Depends on crypto (eg., 0.0005 BTC for BTC)

Visit Kraken

12. KuCoin

Kucoin was launched in 2017, making it one of the youngest crypto trading platforms on this list. They’ve grown a lot since their inception and have become quite a reliable exchange for global standards. I regularly follow their updates and it’s amazing how they manage to add new features and currencies to their offering so often and keep avid traders happy all the time.


As we’re dealing with more of a professional trading platform, I’m certainly most impressed by the number of pairs on offer as well as the abundance of trading options such as futures and margin trading, lending, and even staking crypto. KuCoin is obviously doing its very best to keep up with all upcoming trends in the crypto industry.

Despite being categorized as an advanced exchange, KuCoin spared no effort to get closer to newcomers. Even their futures trading section has a lite section for beginners and a pro section for the experienced trader. Like most other exchanges, they also have an app for mobile trading. I enjoyed navigating through the KuCoin mobile app — it’s easy to use and looks great.

As for fees, they’re committed to keeping them as low as possible. Believe it or not, you’ll be looking at 0.1% trading fees. I was happy to see that they also have a lot of alternative deposit methods like PayPal, apart from credit/debit cards and bank transfers. They started as a crypto-to-crypto only exchange but now accept over 20 different fiat currencies, which is always a plus if you ask me.


  • Low trading fees
  • A lot of supported cryptocurrencies
  • Great staking features


  • No fiat-to-crypto trading pairs
  • Unregulated crypto exchange

Visit KuCoin

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KuCoin Details

KuCoin logo

500+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • Vast selection of cryptocurrencies
  • User-friendly interface
  • Up to 500 USDT bonuses for new users
  • Available in 200+ countries worldwide
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and tickets
  • Instantly convert crypto to crypto
  • Peer-to-peer exchange available
  • Supports 70+ payment methods
  • Up to 10x leverage on margin trading 
  • KuCoin Shares (KCS) holders get a trading fee discount


  • Maker fees: 0% – 0.1%
  • Taker fees: 0.025% – 0.1%
  • Withdrawal fees: Depends on crypto
  • Deposit fees: $0

Visit KuCoin

13. Bittrex

Bittrex was founded in 2013 by a team of ex-Microsoft employees. They started in Las Vegas, relocated a few times, now have their base in Liechtenstein, and have rebranded the platform to Bittrex Global.

I’ve always been a fan of this cryptocurrency exchange because of its commitment to security. They’ve never lost any funds and keep 80%+ of all funds offline. They also adhere to AML and KYC policies and even implemented something called Know Your Transaction (KYT). KYT basically monitors transactions on the exchange and looks for suspicious patterns. It then informs the team the moment it detects something odd.


Bittrex’s trading platform is very advanced and has all the expected bells and whistles. If you have profound knowledge of crypto trading, it’s definitely the right destination for your next trading venture. The massive amount of cryptocurrencies they support also goes in their favour.

I find the fees quite reasonable for this type of crypto exchange. As for fiat currencies, you can deposit and withdraw USD, GBP, JPY, and EUR.


  • A lot of supported cryptocurrencies
  • Advanced trading platform


  • No option for margin trading

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Bittrex Details


300+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • US-based crypto-to-crypto trading platform
  • One of the most secure exchanges in the industry
  • Advanced trading platform for experienced traders
  • Hosts a wide selection of cryptocurrencies
  • 80% of assets are stored offline
  • Highly rated mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Instant buy and sell crypto 
  • Offers Cardano staking
  • Features several order types
  • Relatively low fees


  • Maker fees: 0% – 0.75% 
  • Taker fees: 0.05% – 0.75%
  • Bank card deposit fees: 3% + deposit amount per transaction
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: Depends on crypto
  • Fiat withdrawal fees: $0
  • Deposit fees: $0

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14. Easy Crypto Australia

Easy Crypto Australia is a crypto exchange platform for Australians that makes it easy for everyone to get involved in the cryptocurrency space. This Aussie exchange enables users to purchase crypto assets in the easiest, fastest, and most secure way, without holding any of your funds, be it crypto or Australian dollars.

easy crypto homepage

Easy Crypto Australia guarantees that you remain in full control of your assets all the time, with 100% funds safety guarantee on all kinds of orders. If it’s still not obvious, the most standout feature of Easy Crypto Australia is that you can buy and sell crypto in the fastest way.

Easy Crypto Australia is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange, which means neither your crypto assets or AUD are stored on the Easy Crypto Australian platform. The digital assets you buy are directly sent to your personal wallet. Plus any sales of cryptocurrency you make come out straight from your wallets as well.

Easy Crypto Australia also supports 100+ different cryptocurrencies, and these include the main ones such as BCH, BTC, ETH, ADA, NEO, and LTC just to name a few.

When it comes to fees, Easy Crypto Australia is very transparent with their fees. They don’t have deposit fees, withdrawal fees, simply no hidden fees! But of course, they have trading fees that range between 0.5% to 1.6%.

To sum it up, reliability and security is one of the best features of Easy Crypto Australia. It also has a minimalistic and modern user interface, which makes trading crypto even easier and smoother!


  • Quality selection of crypto assets
  • No hidden transaction fees
  • Great security support
  • Auto-buy feature with dollar cost average strategy
  • Great for newbie crypto traders


  • High volume trades delay processing

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Easy Crypto Details


100+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • Non-custodial exchange platform – no funds are held on Easy Crypto’s platform
  • Quickest way to buy and sell crypto assets
  • AUSTRAC-registered
  • Over 100 crypto to buy, sell or trade
  • Purchase crypto in real-time with AUD; no need to deposit first
  • 100% funds safety guarantee on all orders
  • No hidden fees, no withdrawal or deposit fees


  • Fiat deposit fees: $0
  • Instant Buy fees (Visa/Mastercard): $0
  • Maker fees: 0.5% – 1.6%
  • Taker fees: 0.5% – 1.6%
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: $0
  • Crypto deposit fees: $0
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: Network fees

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15. MEXC Global

MEXC is the most suitable option for cryptocurrency traders with advanced skills, who are looking for a wide range of currencies, diverse markets, and a deep liquidity. On MEXC traders can make spot transactions and margin trade (with up to the leverage of 125x) and derivatives trade and gain access to over 1,520 coins and 2114 trading pairs. It is difficult to find a crypto trading platform with more coins than MEXC.

mexc homepage

The fees for trading are extremely lowat 0.2 percent for spot trading and 0.02/0.06 percent (maker/taker) to trade in futures. If you sign up using our link, you will get 10% discount on all fees associated with trading as well as $25 USDT free. In addition to the normal trading options, there’s also copy trading available on MEXC. For those who aren’t familiar about this concept it’s a way of trading that allows you to automatically perform the exact identical trades with a profit-making investor you choose. This is a great feature for those who don’t have time to conduct a thorough technical analysis of the market prior to making trades. Another feature that is beneficial is the trading bots for free which are part of the exchange. They can be set up according to your preferences and trades can be executed at any time even when you’re sleeping or not online.

MEXC has a very high liquidity, and also has the highest level of liquidity of any cryptocurrency trading platform that includes crypto giants like Bybit, Binance, KuCoin and Huobi. If you look at the graphs of liquidity below for BTC/USDT as well as ETH/USDT you’ll notice that MEXC is far ahead of its nearest rival Bitget and the rest of the competition is nearly non-existent. It means even when are a very large quantity trader, you transactions will be completed in a matter of minutes.


  • Over 1,520+ cryptocurrencies available
  • Several different trading markets
  • Staking is available on a variety of cryptos.
  • Trading leverage up to 125x can be supported
  • Mobile app for Android users


  • You cannot withdraw currency that is fiat from MEXC
  • A small number of cryptocurrency available for instant purchase

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MEXC Details

mexc logo

1,500+ cryptocurrencies supported


  • Over 1,520+ cryptocurrencies available
  • Selling and buying crypto quickly
  • Copy Trading, so you can imitate some of the top investors who have made it.
  • Apps are available on Android, iOS and Windows users.
  • Trade up to 12x leverage
  • There are a variety of trading markets to choose from
  • Staking is available for various cryptocurrencies.
  • Fast and precise charts
  • Premium Help Center, with multi-lingual assistance
  • A variety of withdrawal and deposit methods
  • There are a variety of programs that can help you earn extra income
  • Easy registration and hassle-free platform.


  • Fiat deposit fees: $0
  • Instant Buy fees (Visa/Mastercard): $0
  • Maker fees: 0.02%-0.2%
  • Taker fees: 0.06%-0.2%
  • Fiat Withdrawal fees: $0
  • Crypto deposit fees: $0
  • Crypto withdrawal fees: Network fees

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Crypto Exchanges in Australia Comparison

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange in Australia?

Crypto graph 1

For starters, you need to compare the listed crypto or bitcoin exchanges to find an option that’s best suited to your purpose, experience, and your expectations from crypto trading. There are several key factors to consider when choosing the best place to buy bitcoin or crypto.

Type of Trading

First, consider the type of trade you’ll place and ensure that your exchange of choice supports it. The offered types of trading are usually:

  • Crypto-to-crypto trading
  • Fiat-to-crypto trading
  • Both

For example, if you plan to buy some bitcoin with Australian Dollars, you should look for a crypto brokerage service that allows this sort of crypto to fiat trade and also supports your preferred payment method (bank transfer, credit card, etc.).

Otherwise, if you want to trade crypto coins you already possess against other cryptocurrencies (BTC to ETH, for example), then find a trading platform that offers direct crypto-to-crypto swaps. Luckily, most crypto exchanges offer this, anyway.


Crypto exchanges differ greatly in how they present their products and services to the user, and various layouts are best suited to traders with different skill levels. Some of them feature an uncluttered and intuitive user interface, which helps novices feel comfortable when making their first crypto transactions.

On the other hand, seasoned traders usually look for a cutting-edge layout that offers detailed insight into market indicators, charts, candlesticks and graphs, and everything that can contribute to better trading strategies.

Yet, starting off with an advanced trading platform can be rather discouraging for absolute beginners.

One of the most important features of UI is a great crypto exchange app. Apps make the whole experience of signing up and trading a LOT easier. Definitely something to look out for.

When searching for the best bitcoin app in Australia, we would recommend checking out Swyftx or Coinspot, as they both have fantastic apps.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Knowing what type of cryptocurrencies you’re planning to buy before choosing a cryptocurrency exchange is good. Almost any exchange will do if you just want to buy Bitcoin. Even though there are over 4,000 circulating altcoins, some exchanges support BTC exclusively.

Four bitcoins stacked on top of two laptops

However, the majority offer BTC and the standard selection of the most dominant cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). Keep in mind that it’s difficult to find a reliable exchange that supports unpopular and newly-discovered coins, as those are less reliable.

If you trade crypto with fiat money, you should also double-check whether the exchange has listed your local or preferred currency in the available fiat-to-crypto trading pairs.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Crypto exchanges today try to cater to a broader audience so generally, there is a wide choice of deposit methods. Most frequently, exchanges support regular bank transfers and credit debit cards but some of them also offer various e-payment options based on geographical availability. Check whether your exchange of choice:

  • Supports AUD deposits and withdrawals
  • Has a daily or monthly deposit/withdrawal limit

Trading Fees and Exchange Rates

The fee structure is perhaps the most variable factor between crypto exchanges. However, all crypto exchanges incur the same types of fees: trading, withdrawal, and deposit fees.

That’s why you’ll need to consider the total cost and find something that is worth the money. For example, some exchanges may not charge for deposits but do incur trading fees much higher than the industry standard. You can learn more about how trading fees work to get a better idea.

When it comes to the purchase price of your selected cryptocurrency, you should know that there is no single, unified exchange rate – it’s calculated based on the current supply and demand, so the price of cryptocurrencies can differ up to 10-15% from one exchange to another.

Account Verification Process

Some users want to avoid giving away any personal details when trading cryptocurrency. However, full anonymity is nearly impossible today due to the strict AML/CFT (anti-money laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism) policies that crypto exchanges must follow. In any case, an exchange that operates under local regulations is more likely to be a trustworthy one.

So, be ready to spend some extra time on a KYC (know-your-customer) verification before you start trading on any of the well-established platforms. In fact, the verification process varies between exchanges, but more or less, some of the information you’ll need to submit include:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Utility bill to prove your address
  • A copy or photo of a government-issued document (ID card, driving license or passport).

Remember that some exchanges have several thresholds of verification that determine the deposit/withdrawal limits and services you can use on their platform. The more personal information you provide, the more trading you can do.

Some of the best bitcoin exchanges in Australia also have referral codes that offer some free crypto upon signing up. An example would be our Swyftx referral code.

Security Features for Both the Platform and the Wallets

In digital space, security comes before anything else. In general, crypto exchanges have a history of unresolved hacker attacks resulting in permanent losses of millions of dollars.

secure crypto exchange

You’ll notice that they strongly aim at implementing the highest security standards in their platforms, users’ accounts and wallets. When reviewing the exchanges’ features, you’ll need to focus on the following:

  • 2FA (two-factor authentication)
  • Online or offline storage of customer funds
  • Control over users’ private keys
  • Type of verification required
  • Email or SMS notifications on account activity
  • Full-time security monitoring
  • Email encryption
  • Proof of reserve

Customer Support

We always underrate the “customer-support” factor but the truth is that the majority of user complaints arise from not being able to reach the support team and get help with issues regarding account verification or transactions.

When inspecting a platform’s customer support, focus on:

  • How can you reach the support team: email, live chat, phone, or inquiry form (ticket)?
  • If there is an open phone line, do they employ a bot for the most frequently asked questions, or do they talk to you directly?
  • Is the support team available only during business hours or 24/7?
  • How long does it take to get a response?
  • Do internationally registered exchanges have support in English?
  • Does their website have a support section?

Reputation & Reviews

What do online reviews say about the exchange? The personal experiences of users are the most reliable source where you can learn a lot about the platform’s real drawbacks and perks. Rating systems are really helpful in deciding whether the platform can be trusted.

It’s always a good idea to read something more about the exchange’s history – how long it’s been around and whether it has any track record for security breaches.

Is It a Regulated Exchange in Australia?

It looks like local authorities worldwide were caught unprepared for the rapid growth of the crypto industry. They are putting in a great deal of effort to set some legal frames, but most countries are far from reaching the desired outcome.

In Australia, crypto operators must be registered with AUSTRAC (the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre) and follow the governments’ AML/CTF regulations.

Due to local regulations, some exchanges are banned from certain countries and conversely, there are exchanges that don’t allow access to users from particular territories. Fortunately, Australia isn’t on any of these “black lists”.

How we choose and rank the best crypto exchanges.

We test, review and rate exchanges by looking at their ease-of-use, trading features, customer support, and fees. Analyzing user reviews helps us assess the overall sentiment. However, we didn’t evaluate every exchange and your needs might dictate an exchange we haven’t reviewed yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose a Crypto Exchange?

If you want to find a suitable crypto exchange, you should analyze its features and compare them to your investment strategy.

Take into account the cryptocurrency selection and available payment methods, look for platforms with low fees and high deposit/withdrawal limits, read user reviews to check the level of customer service they provide, and the history of successful security breaches.

What Is the Biggest Crypto Exchange?

Binance is labeled as the biggest crypto exchange by influential crypto sites like Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, based on the platform’s trading volume, markets, and liquidity.

What Is the Best Crypto Exchange in Australia?

In our opinion, the best crypto exchange in Australia is Swyftx. We based our choice on the platform’s extensive list of support cryptocurrencies, high-level security methods, reasonable fees, and the overall user experience. Plus, it’s a user-friendly choice that works great for beginners.

What Is the safest crypto exchange in Australia?

For Australian residents, Swyftx is the safest choice. Apart from state-of-the-art security measures, Swyftx has the advantage of being Australian-based. Users can benefit from the proximity of the company’s headquarters and enjoy better customer service.

Is Cryptocurrency Taxed in Australia?

The Australian government and the ATO is making substantial progress towards regulating issues that are related to cryptocurrency trading. Until 2017, Bitcoin and other altcoins were subject to double-taxation in Australia under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) but now, they’re treated as property and are covered by Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

This means that you’ll be taxed for any profit you’ll make selling or trading crypto assets as you would with any other regular income.

For more info, read our full article on crypto and taxes in Australia, and then have a look at our comparison of the top crypto tax software you can use.

What is the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Australia?

We have multiple trusted crypto exchanges here in Australia. A few recommendations would be Swyftx, Coinspot, Binance, Digital Surge, and Coinjar. To operate a crypto exchange in Australia, said exchange needs to be registered with AUSTRAC.

What is the cheapest crypto exchange in Australia?

The cheapest crypto exchange is most likely Binance. With trading fees of only 0.1%, they’re the most affordable when it comes to buying and selling crypto. Their customer support is a bit lacking compared to the competition, though.

What is the best crypto app in Australia?

The best crypto app is hard to pinpoint. A lot of the exchanges have fantastic apps. We like both Swyftx and Coinspots’ cryptocurrency apps. They’re very easy to use.

How to trade crypto futures in australia?

To trade crypto futures, all you need is a crypto exchange that supports it. There are several exchanges that enable futures trading for cryptocurrencies. A few examples are Binance and eToro.

How to Use an Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange

Using a crypto exchange is pretty straightforward, most platforms have streamlined the process as much as possible, here are the general steps:

  1. Compare exchanges and find one that fits your needs.
  2. Sign up and create an account on the exchange.
  3. Complete the verification process (KYC).
  4. Fund your account with AUD using any of the available payment methods like  Polipay, PayID, bank transfers, or credit/debit card.
  5. Once the funds are in your account, go ahead and find the cryptocurrency you’re looking to trade with.
  6. Enter the amount, either in AUD, or in the cryptocurrency, and click the buy button.

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