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— Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Quick Summary: No doubt, Bittrex is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the crypto space. With hundreds of crypto assets, tons of options, and features available, Bittrex offers quite a number of features for their users to benefit from and enjoy.

Some of the advantages and key features of Bittrex that you can look forward to after signing up with their platform include premium support with Bittrex live chat option, unparalleled security and safety, passive earning through referral program, staking, fast, reliable, and efficient trading platform, fully-fledged trading app, and a whole lot more!

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Cryptocurrencies have been rising in popularity over the last few years. Various crypto exchange platforms have been developed to allow users to convert one type of cryptocurrency into other altcoins to accommodate the market’s growing numbers. Not all exchanges operate the same, so it can be daunting to navigate different platforms to find the ones that best suit one’s needs.

With cryptocurrency becoming a lucrative trading niche, exchanges are subject to hacks and breaches, except for one. Today, we take a closer look at Bittrex, a US-based veteran crypto exchange platform with some of the tightest security measures you could hope for within a company that deals with digital assets and personal information.

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Continue reading our Bittrex exchange review below to learn why they are among the top exchanges and determine whether it’s right for you.

Bittrex at A Glance

  • Website:
  • Country: Washington, USA
  • Mobile App: Yes
  • Deposit Methods: Wire Transfer, ACH, SEPA, Visa/Mastercard, Cryptocurrency
  • Fiat Currencies: USD, EUR
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Cardano (ADA), and 250 plus more

List of Features

  • Unbeatable security and safety
  • Staking options to earn crypto
  • Bittrex API and custom-built trading engine
  • Simple withdrawal and deposit methods
  • Professional experience in trading and trading using a variety of options
  • Advanced trading market for trading with numerous pairs
  • Premium support, including live chat support
  • Instant selling and buying of cryptocurrency assets
  • Over 250+ cryptocurrencies available
  • Full-featured trading apps for mobile devices
  • Earn passively through referral programs
  • Rapid, reliable and effective trading platform


  • Over 250+ cryptocurrencies available
  • Premium security to ensure users are secure
  • The option to stake is available in order to make interest on cryptocurrency
  • Mobile apps with full-featured features available for iOS and Android
  • A variety of withdrawal and deposit methods


  • A fee of $25 for withdrawals made with fiat currency
  • It is not available in NY and a few other US states
  • Margin trading not available yet

US Cryptocurrency Exchange: Bittrex

Bittrex is a US crypto-to-crypto trading exchange platform based in Seattle, Washington. In 2014, three expert cybersecurity engineers, Bill Shihara, Richie Lai, and Rami Kawach, founded the company. Together, the team has more than five decades of development and security experience from companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

Since its beginning, Bittrex has been steadily gaining traction as one of the leading exchanges on the market. It hosts a wide selection of currencies, and users can spot execute trading orders. The platform includes standard charting tools for trading and automated trading features such as instant buy or sells and good ‘til canceled (GTC).

Bittrex homepage

Because of the founders’ appreciation for and expertise in cybersecurity, Bittrex’s operation emphasizes security. Unlike other crypto exchanges, hackers have yet to infiltrate this trading platform, and it has never had a breach. The veteran exchange company regularly receives praise for its security, quick loading speeds, and stability.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

As a crypto-to-crypto trading platform, Bittrex specializes in cryptocurrency trades. The exchange features over 190 cryptocurrencies for customers to trade. The platform also offers more than 284 trading pairs, with Bitcoin and Tether having the most.

As of 2021, the exchange allows trading fiat currencies or monies with government support, such as USD. Before the policy change, users could trade using USDT (US Dollar Tether), where 1 USDT is equivalent to 1 USD.

Trading in the US through Bittrex is allowable in all states except Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, Nebraska, Tennessee, New York, Connecticut, and Vermont. Bittrex Global, based in Liechtenstein, allows for international trading from other countries except for North Korea, Syria, the Crimean region, Iran, and Cuba.

Bittrex accounts that cannot trade using USD can execute transactions using USDT or other stablecoins.

Bittrex Payment Methods

Adding money to your Bittrex account can happen in two ways: You can move money to the account from an existing crypto wallet or deposit fiat currency using a Visa or Mastercard bank card or wire transfer. The ability to add funds requires a verified account with scans of valid forms of identification, such as a driver’s license and a recent billing statement.

Bittrex exchange features

To make a USD or EUR deposit after verifying your Bittrex account, you must whitelist your bank account by submitting a request to the Bittrex customer support desk. Waiting for your whitelisted account approval can take a few days. It will also take several business days for wire transfers to credit to your account.

Deposits using a debit card and credit card are usually faster, but you will receive a 3% charge in addition to the deposit amount per transaction. Though the minimum deposit amount is 50 USD, there is no maximum to how much you can add to your Bittrex account.

You can withdraw both fiat funds and crypto-assets if you meet the 50 USD minimal withdrawal threshold. Exact withdrawal fees depend on the type of cryptocurrency you select, but they’re on par with other crypto exchanges.

To withdraw fiat funds, you must attach a verified bank account to your Bittrex account. The money will go directly into that bank account, usually within ten days. There are no fees for withdrawals.

Trading Fees and Limits

When you create a Bittrex account, you will see a seemingly endless stream of cryptocurrencies within the marketplace. The way the trading pairs appear makes it simple for anyone to find and select whichever one they want. The Bittrex market also has a search function to help users find the exact trading pair they wish to trade.

Bittrex Fees: What Fees Does Bittrex Charge?

Bittrex falls in line with other crypto exchanges by utilizing a tiered structure for fees. People who trade at a significantly high volume can receive a discount on their trading fee. Users can save money if they trade more on the platform.


$0k to $5k



$5k to $10k



$10k to $25k



$25k to $100k



$100k to $1M



$1M to 10M 



$10M to $60M 



$60M to $100M 






Trading on Bittrex begins with a flat rate of .25% for the maker and taker on every trade. This amount is slightly higher than the average trade fee. Still, it works well for newcomers to cryptocurrency exchanges because there is only one fee per transaction, making it easier to keep track of spending.

However, because of the tiered system, once a maker hits $40 million in trading volume, the maker fee is 0%. The taker receives 0.10%. At $60 million, the taker fee drops to 0.08%.


Unfortunately, Bittrex doesn’t allow unlimited withdrawals from its exchange. The withdrawal limit for unverified accounts is 1 BTC a day. Accounts that use two-factor authentication can access Bittrex’s entry-level account, raising the withdrawal limit to about 3 BTC a day.

The most a user can withdraw is 100 BTC per day. The ability to take out so much at once requires the user to have an enhanced account.

Bitrex Crypto Exchange Customer Support

One of the drawbacks to Bittrex appears to be its customer service. Though it excels in crypto trading and security, many users give the platform’s customer service department a low rating. A critical factor in their subpar service pertains to their handling of suspended accounts.

The exchange platform would sometimes suspend or ban users seemingly without cause or reason. After a public outcry, Bittrex responded by saying they periodically conduct compliance reviews to protect users. They will suspend accounts until they complete their assessment.

Some users say they had to wait weeks to receive a response from Bittrex customer service regarding their accounts and identity verification. Bittrex review process affected about 0.1% of all accounts on the platform, according to Bittrex, but their reputation for customer service took a hit nonetheless.

It is worth noting that Bittrex’s customer support structure is on par with other crypto exchange platforms. They use Zendesk, and users can search articles and FAQs about relevant topics. Users can also log into Bittrex support to review their customer support tickets. They don’t have a phone number to contact, but you can reach out via their social media accounts.

Safety Features: Is Bittrex Safe?

As one of the most secure crypto exchanges on the market, security is a top priority for Bittrex. Cyber attackers have stolen millions from cryptocurrency exchanges, except for Bittrex. The platform uses several security measures to prevent theft and fraud.

Because its headquarters is in Seattle, the exchange closely follows American laws governing currency trading, including the Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer federal programs. The purpose of these programs is to prevent financial crimes and fraud.

Bittrex platform security

Aside from adherence to federal laws, the Bittrex team uses cold storage to reduce the risk of hacking and protect its customers’ money. With cold storage, up to 90% of the exchange’s currency is offline, where cyber attackers can’t access it.

Another layer of security within the exchange is its two-factor authentication. Taking this step is not mandatory for account holders, but users are strongly encouraged to lock down their accounts against unauthorized use. To complete a transaction with 2FA, customers must provide two types of information, like a password and a separate code.

Bittrex crypto exchange also requires users to approve every new IP address they use to log into the platform via an email confirmation. You can authorize the platform about your pre-approved IP addresses through their IP Whitelisting feature. IP Whitelisting allows you to execute trades or withdrawals solely from the IP addresses on that list.

Summing It Up

Based on this Bittrex exchange review, Bittrex is one of the most secure crypto exchanges available, both within the US and abroad.

Its platform design allows for quick, straightforward trading for beginners and experienced traders alike. While the exchange may not be the best choice for someone with no cryptocurrency trading experience, you don’t have to be an expert to learn how to navigate their dashboard.

Security is not a concern with Bittrex, thanks to their founders’ expertise in cybersecurity. The platform’s verification and authentication processes are well-layered, making it challenging for hackers to infiltrate the system and steal valuable digital assets and information.

Some users think the KYC verification process is too much because it has caused some customers to lose access to their accounts temporarily. We do have some concerns about account suspensions and long wait times for customer service. Still, we feel the company is taking steps to correct that inconvenience without affecting the platform’s superior security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot access the website or prefer to trade on the go, you can download the Bittrex exchange app. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. With it, you can follow, deposit, withdraw, and trade all the platform’s supported markets.

The Bittrex mobile app makes crypto trading more accessible without losing the website’s superior loading speed or security. It allows you to have a digital wallet on your phone or tablet that you can use to manage your digital and token asset holdings.

Bittrex is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. Exchanges store an incredible amount of personal information like government ID details, addresses, and tax ID information. Bittrex uses multiple verification steps and security measures to ensure that all personal user information and assets are secure at all times.

Some of their security features include two-factor authentication, cold storage of currency, and IP verification procedures.

The exchange is relatively simple to navigate, but usability differences exist between the US and global customers’ platforms. The primary difference is that the US version of the exchange has fewer assets than the international version. However, both options feature a wide array of altcoins and high liquidity in their markets.

Bittrex’s user interface makes it user-friendly across the board. The main dashboard includes supported trading markets, price change percentages within the last 24 hours, and price overviews. You can navigate these markets on the dashboard: USD, BTC, USDT, EUR, and ETH.

Technically, yes. Users who take advantage of the Bittrex Referral Program can encourage new customers to create an account with the exchange. For their efforts, they can receive 10% of their invited user’s trading fees.

Unfortunately, the referral program does not include a dashboard for customers to track their referrals or trades. Bittrex also notes that the company can change the referrer percentage at their sole discretion.

Bittrex is not a regulated exchange under U.S. securities laws.

Bittrex has over 500,000 active users.

The primary distinction in Coinbase the other two Bittrex can be seen in the fact that Bittrex provides more altcoins as well as greater trading options. Coinbase is an excellent choice when you're just beginning to learn about cryptocurrency trading since it's easy to use and safe.

No, it's not. It's located on Seattle, USA.

Yes you can. Log into the account you have created with your Bittrex account and then click Holdings in the menu at the bottom of the bar. Select the withdraw button and select the currency you would like to withdraw from the Search bar. Enter the address of your wallet as well as the amount you'd like to withdraw.

Both exchanges provide the same features, but they possess distinct differences which allow them to be superior in various areas. Binance has the world's biggest quantity of trading volume across exchanges. However, Bittrex provides a more reduced experience that is comparable to Binance.

The primary distinction that separates Kraken as opposed to Bittrex can be seen in the fact that Kraken provides more benefits in general. Kraken offers better customer support as well as a smoother user interface. it's more user-friendly.

Bittrex doesn't declare your transactions to the IRS when you trade, sell or invest in your cryptocurrency currently. If you have additional concerns, you can submit an issue ticket.

Bittrex doesn't charge fees for USD deposits or ACH withdrawals. Wire withdrawals will incur an additional $25 fee for withdrawals. It is best to inquire with your bank because they might charge you an additional fee to send your wire transfer and receiving a wire transfer from the bank you have.

Kucoin against Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange's overall score comparison shows how Kucoin has a greater general score 9.1 and Bittrex has the overall rating of 7.8. If we examine the user experience and user experience, we can see the difference in Kucoin contrast with Bittrex contrast, Kucoin has better & more comfortable user interaction than Bittrex.

The company was founded in 2014 by three security engineers Bittrex is the only exchange that has been able to torch the torch of trust through putting an individual face on top of the blockchain platform.

Yes. Bittrex operates as a U.S.-based cryptocurrency digital asset trading platform made for those who require fast trade execution, reliable digital wallets and world-class security procedures.

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