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— Last Updated on January 20, 2023

Quick Summary: Since its establishment, Coinmama has expanded to 190 countries and serves more than 3M customers around the world. Coinmama enables you to purchase crypto assets instantly, with the assets going directly to your wallet. Coinmama is secured and reliable since they never store payment information or hold customer funds. In other words, you always have total control of your fiat and digital funds.

Over 3 million Coinmama users choose to trade on Coinmama because it is easy to use, non-custodial, supports credit and debit cards, offers a loyalty program to reduce fees, excellent customer support with live chat feature, and more.

Give Coinmama a shot and learn why it’s among the best crypto exchanges out there.

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Israel may not be your first thought when you think of countries operating cryptocurrency trading platforms. Israeli-based firm Coinmama is changing all that by bringing safety, security, and superior customer service to the table as you learn to navigate the cryptocurrency trading world.

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Want to know more about Coinmama? You’ve come to the right place! This Coinmama review will tell you more about what Coinmama has to offer, its advantages and disadvantages, and more. By the end of this review, you may decide that the flexible, easy-to-use platform provided by Coinmama is the perfect fit for you.


Coinmama at A Glance

  • Website:
  • Country: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Mobile App: Not available
  • Deposit Methods: credit card Transfers to banks (SEPA) SWIFT, Fedwire, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Skrill, Debit card Open Banking
  • Fiat Currencies: USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP

List of Features

  • Spending limits up to $30,000.
  • Sell and buy crypto immediately
  • Non-custodial means that you have the control of your assets throughout the day.
  • It is simple to use and ideal for beginners
  • Loyalty program reduces costs and save you money
  • Coinmama supports credit and debit cards
  • The 15 most renowned cryptocurrency options
  • Customer Support via Live Chat and email support


  • Simple to use to purchase and sell cryptocurrency instantly
  • Free loyalty program that helps reduce charges
  • Accepted credit and debit cards
  • Available in US, except in certain US states (i.e. Hawaii and New York)
  • Customer support via Live Chat as well as email assistance
  • Platform that is non-custodial, so you are in charge of all your funds at all times


  • There are no charts to show the price history of cryptocurrency
  • High fees when compared to other exchanges like Binance
  • There are only 15 cryptocurrency available

About Coinmama

Founded in 2013, Coinmama is a cryptocurrency brokerage platform that handles several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Unlike an exchange, where coins are bought directly from other people, Coinmama, as a brokerage service, sells the coins directly to you, the customer.

Serving more than 2 million customers, Coinmama’s superlative customer service and cryptocurrency exchange insight is available in over 180 countries. In the United States, 43 states are currently able to utilize their service. Coinmama is operated by Cmama Ltd., Dublin, Ireland, and is regulated by FinCEN as a Money Service Business. Cmama Ltd. is a daughter company of New Bit Ventures Ltd., based in Israel, which owns both the Coinmama brand and platform.

Coinmama homepage

Coinmama has taken great pains as a brokerage service to keep its fees as low as possible while providing customers with a simple, fast process to get in on the cryptocurrency boom.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Coinmama sells many of the most well-known cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), the first digital coin, and its companion currency, Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Ethereum (ETH), and its currency, Ethereum Classic (ECH), are also supported by Coinmama. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency based on global market value. Additionally, Coinmama offers Cardano (ADA), EOS (EOS), Litecoin (LTC), Qtum (QTUM), Ripple (XRP), and Tezos (XTZ). The platform is always working on adding new digital assets as well.

Payment Methods

One of Coinmama’s most user-friendly features is the option to purchase Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies they sell using a credit/debit card. They will accept any debit or credit card issued by Visa or Mastercard. American Express and Discover cards are not accepted, however. Neither are PayPal debit or credit cards, and you cannot use your PayPal account to buy any cryptocurrencies. Your credit or debit card details are not saved in Coinmama’s system, ensuring even greater security for you and your account.

Coinmama buy bitcoin

Coinmama now also offers payment options via bank transfer. SEPA, SWIFT, FasterPayments, Fedwire, and SOFORT may be used for crypto purchases with no processing fees. Coinmama has recently begun supporting Apple Pay, so your ability to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from them is easier than ever.

The platform accepts all world currencies, including USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, and JPY. The rates displayed on the platform reflect these currencies, and your bank may charge an exchange fee when you pay with other currencies, so you need to keep that in mind when purchasing.

Trading Fees & Limits

Deposit/Payment FeesBuy/Sell Fee
  • Fedwire, SEPA, SWIFT, Open Banking: Free of charge
  • Debit card, Credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay: 5% fee
  • Skrill: 2.5% fee
  • Crypto Curious – the initial level. Buy and Sell fees: 3.90%
  • Crypto Enthusiast – cumulative purchase amount of $5 000 USD over a rolling 90-day period. Buy and Sell fees: 3.41%
  • Crypto Believer – cumulative purchase amount of $18 000 USD over a rolling 90-day period, or a lifetime purchase amount above $50 000 USD. Buy and Sell fees: 2.93%

Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any kind of central or world bank. It is important to remember that the rates displayed for each cryptocurrency provider are determined by that provider. However, there are services such as TradeBlock XBX that provide investors with rates of the different providers. These rates reflect the average value or market value of those cryptocurrencies.

Coinmama Fees

Coinmama’s market rate is based on the average listing on TradeBlock XBX, plus 2%. Buy transactions incur a commission fee of up to 3.9%, and selling cryptocurrency through our platform incurs a 0.9% fee for transactions. If you use a credit or debit card to purchase your cryptocurrency, a 5% fee is added. This fee is called the momentum fee, and it bumps the Coinmama price up 10.9% over the market rate. Though the transaction fees are high, the advantage of using a credit or debit card and instantly purchasing coins may outweigh it.

Coinmama reduced fees

SEPA bank transfers do not generate any additional fees. However, SWIFT bank wire transfers add an additional fee if the transfer is less than 1000 USD.


There is Coinmama minimum deposit. When buying Bitcoins, you must purchase at least 60 USD worth, or the equivalent in other currencies. The maximum amount that you can buy depends on the level of your account. Still, generally, the limit is set at 5000 USD per day. Level 1 accounts can go as high as 15,000 USD per month.

Coinmama account levels are determined by the amount of identity verification completed. To purchase any type of account, you will have to go through some level of identity verification to ensure the security of your account and transactions. Level 1 accounts require a copy of a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, along with a selfie of you holding the ID, as well as a paper with the words “Coinmama” and the day’s date written on it. For Level 2 verification, you need to submit a second type of ID and something official that includes your name and current address, such as a utility bill. Level 3 requires all verification materials, as mentioned earlier, plus a short form that must be filled out.

Customer Support

Though the platform is very user-friendly, you may have cause to seek help while investing with Coinmama, and the company has ensured there is a dedicated support staff in their help center. You can access them easily via email, and the average response time to requests is within 24 hours.

The most effective way to contact the support team is through their live chat. However, this is only available during their regular business hours, Sunday-Thursday, from 9:00-18:00 GMT+3. Coinmama does not currently offer phone-based customer service.

Coinmama help center page

Coinmama also offers resources on their website to assist customers. The blog features various crypto-related articles that provide information and insight for investors of all experience levels. They also have a comprehensive FAQ section on the site. Most of the company problems and issues you might encounter as an investor can be answered here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cryptocurrency exchange is a service that changes digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more, for other digital currencies or fiat currencies. Fiat currencies are the paper currencies of your country, such as dollars, pounds, or Euros. Coinmama’s platform allows you to exchange your fiat currency via credit or debit card or bank wire transfer for several cryptocurrencies. You may trade your cryptocurrency for fiat currency through a cryptocurrency exchange.

No. Coinmama does not act as a go-between for buyers and sellers. All cryptocurrencies bought and sold are a part of the company’s personal inventory, so all transactions are between you and Coinmama. You can sell your cryptocurrency through Coinmama, but the exchange will be between you and the platform. If you choose to sell Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies to Coinmama, you will receive payment in fiat currency directly to your bank account.

The verification process can vary, but if all the required materials are correctly submitted, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete the process on average.

Yes, as noted above, a photo ID is required to begin using the Coinmama platform. The degree of identification needed is determined by the level of the account you are pursuing. Even the lowest level, Level 1, requires a government-issued picture ID such as a driver’s license, resident identification card, or passport.

Coinmama makes it incredibly easy to purchase cryptocurrency. You can use an accepted credit or debit card on the website and buy your cryptocurrency directly. Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Since most major banks issue debit and credit cards backed by those two companies, if you have a bank account, you’ll be able to start investing right away.

Once you sign up to the site and complete your identity verification, you can begin purchasing cryptocurrency. Simply click on “BUY.” You can then choose the type of cryptocurrency and the amount you would like to purchase before entering your payment information. You’ll receive your coins as soon as your payment clears. Since markets rapidly fluctuate, any delay in your payment clearing could result in a different price being charged for the coins you purchased.

To prevent this, Coinmama locks in the price for your coins the moment you submit your order. This is a significant benefit of using the Coinmama platform. It ensures that you will be charged the price stated at the time of purchase, even if that price changes by the time your payment clears.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not currently subject to oversight or regulation by any government department. Coinmama, however, is registered in the United States with FinCEN. FinCEN is the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

It is tasked with investigating financial crimes, including fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering. Registration with FinCEN indicates that Coinmama takes their investor’s security very seriously. Any fraudulent activities will be investigated accordingly to protect their investors.

eToro, Paxful,, and of course Coinmama.

It is true that Coinmama is a reliable source. It is a genuine cryptocurrency marketplace online which has been operating since the year 2013. It's available in 190 countries and has more than 3 million customers.

Coinbase is a better alternative once you've made your purchase . You can easily make use of them for all your transactions with cryptocurrency, regardless of whether you're buying to keep or use.

Coinmama is exactly what it says on the label. You can swiftly and effortlessly access Bitcoin and Ethereum and transfer your money out to the crypto wallet address of your choice solution. This is a good option for you if you're using a hard wallet rather than moving money into the other direction through Coinbase.

Once your money has been received and we'll transfer the amount in fiat of your transaction into the bank account you have. It generally takes between 1 and 2 weeks for money to pass through.

Get daily limits as high as 50000 USD based on the level of verification, there are no processing Coinmama charges for orders of more than 1000 USD. You can also pay a flat fee of 20gbp for orders less than 1000 USD.

Making an order using bank transfers is the safest option for payment, it has greater limitations than credit card transactions and, best of all is that you'll pay less charges! The orders made using a credit card or a debit card must be processed by our processors for credit cards and typically processed within one hour.

Our commission rates vary between 0.99 percent to 3.90 percent based on the level of loyalty you have. As per the industry norms, Coinmama also includes a spread that helps offset the inherent volatility of the currency that isn't managed by central banks, and consequently does not have an official market rate.

Coinmama was registered with Slovakia and the owners of New Bit Ventures are based in Israel.

Coinmama delivers the coins within one hour once your wallet and your payment are confirmed.

No, they don't.

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