Quick summary: Our recommendation is to use the crypto exchange Swyftx to buy BTC Standard Hashrate. They have over 300 cryptocurrencies available, have a fantastic app and great customer support. You also get $20 free BTC once you start trading!

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BTC Standard Hashrate

Australia has a decent amount of reliable and regulated crypto trading platforms, so it’s quite easy finding an exchange that has BTC Standard Hashrate. While each one comes with its own feature-set and fee structure, most crypto exchanges function very similarly when it comes to buying crypto.

Let’s get into it!

How to Buy BTC Standard Hashrate in Australia

There are only 4 main steps involved and it’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Choose a crypto exchange
  2. Sign up with the exchange
  3. Fund your account with AUD
  4. Buy BTC Standard Hashrate

1. Choose a crypto exchange

As mentioned above, we have plenty of options when it comes to Australian crypto exchanges. While that’s great, you ideally want to do a bit of research so you can use one that has a decent fee structure and more importantly, has BTC Standard Hashrate in its list of cryptocurrencies.

Personally, we really like Swyftx, they have over 300 cryptocurrencies, a very smooth process for buying crypto, and their support team has been fantastic.

And if you sign up through our site, you’ll get 20$ worth of free BTC once you start trading, which is always nice.

So for this guide on buying BTC Standard Hashrate, we’ll be using Swyftx as the exchange to go through. Any exchange would work of course, as long as they offer BTC Standard Hashrate.

Or, if you’d like to know more about which exchanges we recommend, look at our comparison of the best sites to buy bitcoin in Australia.

2. Sign up with the crypto exchange

Once you’ve decided on which exchange to use, it’s time to sign up.

Sign up with Swyftx and grab $20 free BTC.

Swyftx has a very streamlined sign-up process in place. The first step is to fill in the sign-up form.

Next up is to go through their basic verification process, called a KYC, which is required by law here in Australia. This should be very quick and easy.

Once done, it’s time for the next step.

3. Funding your account with AUD

To buy BTC Standard Hashrate, you first need to transfer AUD to your Swyftx account using one of the many deposit methods available. From bank transfer to PayID, POLi pay and credit cards, plenty of options to choose from.

Swyftx Deposit Methods

4. Buy BTC Standard Hashrate

The final step is to go to their asset list, find BTC Standard Hashrate, navigate to the buy section, and then trade your AUD for some BTCST. Once you’ve bought BTC Standard Hashrate, you can track how much you’ve gained or lost either in the app (they have a great app), or on desktop on the left-hand side under your cryptocurrency list.

Where to Buy BTC Standard Hashrate (BTCST)

Swyftx logo5/5300+ cryptocurrenciesVisit Swyftx
CoinSpot logo4/5200+ cryptocurrenciesVisit Coinspot
binance logo3/5400+ cryptocurrenciesVisit Binance

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How to Sell BTC Standard Hashrate

If you’re thinking about selling BTC Standard Hashrate, just follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to the cryptocurrency trading platform (like Swyftx).
  2. Click on BTC Standard Hashrate in your list of cryptocurrencies, or find your trading account if you’re using an exchange with different accounts.
  3. FInd the sell section and sell BTC Standard Hashrate for AUD, or trade it for another cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying BTC Standard Hashrate in Australia legal?

Yes, you can legally buy and trade cryptocurrencies in Australia. We do of course recommend only using crypto exchanges regulated by AUSTRAC.

How to buy BTC Standard Hashrate with PayPal?

Unfortunately, most crypto exchanges in Australia don’t support PayPal. The only exchange that you could use is eToro, but their cryptocurrency list is quite limited so you might not find BTC Standard Hashrate. Have a look on their site first, you might be lucky.

How to buy BTC Standard Hashrate with a credit card or debit card?

Most top exchanges support buying crypto with a credit or debit card. We would recommend Swyftx to buy BTC Standard Hashrate with your credit/debit card.

About BTC Standard Hashrate

The Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token launched on Binance Smart chain, December 13, 2020. Each token is worth 0.1 TH/s Bitcoin mining energy at a rate of 60 W/TH. It is protected by Bitcoin's (BTC). In return for newly minted tokens, miners can contribute their computing power.

BTCST's goal is to provide liquidity to Bitcoin's mining markets. This will allow users to access mining rewards and hashpower at a very low price. The ultimate goal of the app is to increase the efficiency and liquidity in the mining power markets.

BTCST token is secured by Bitcoin mining power. To receive daily Bitcoin contributions equaling their staked mining power, holders can stake BTCST token. BTCST token allows you to mine Bitcoin within the Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

BTCST tokens can't be issued unless the eligible miners choose to tokenize Bitcoin hashrate. There have been no private or public sales. The total supply limit can be determined by how many BTCST tokens have been staked via the app.

BTCST is built upon the BEP-20 standard. Snapshots of the total pool balances and user accounts are taken each hour to calculate user rewards. In real-time, the pool's annual percentage yield is and total balance are updated. You cannot stake tokens in more than one pool at once. Users have the option to withdraw their funds at any time and participate in any other pool.

BTCST is a cloud mining platform which is used on the Binance Smart Chain. A decentralized app (DApp) makes daily payouts.