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Quick Summary: SimpleSwap is a crypto platform that offers a medium for individuals to trade their cryptocurrencies or buy new coins through a number of registered crypto exchanges and supports more than 300+ coins. One of the best things about SimpleSwap is that it doesn’t require users to sign up or register on the platform.

SimpleSwap offers fixed rate as well as floating rate for trading cryptocurrencies. The platform has a loyalty and affiliate program which can help its users earn more on the side. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry because the platform has a 24/7 live chat feature so that you can get help whenever you need.

SimpleSwap has a lot more to offer, so make sure to keep reading and see why it’s among the best crypto exchanges out there!

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The introduction of blockchain and decentralized finance has managed to sway even the most conservative analog investors to take a leap of faith and give cryptocurrency a shot. The reason for this is that crypto assets are too good of an opportunity not to capitalize on.

By the looks of things, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to presume that in the near future, this digital finance model will become the main way in which we will handle finances. The only thing that poses a threat to this new approach is the sheer variety that it comes in.

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SimpleSwap is one of the most promising novel and inventive instant cryptocurrency exchange platforms that everyone should know more about.

In this SimpleSwap Review, we take a closer look at the cryptocurrency token offerings, digital asset support, security, coverage, as well as the fees on transactions, deposits, and withdrawals.

SimpleSwap Exchange at A Glance

  • Website: https://simpleswap. io/
  • Country: Ajeltake, Marshall Islands
  • Mobile App: Available
  • Deposit Methods: Credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD)
  • Fiat currencies: USD, GBP EURO as well as a few others
  • Cryptocurrencies: 500+ coins

List of Features

  • The advantage of having the ability to use these features without signing up is an additional benefit that is an advantage in and of itself.
  • In addition to the instant exchange or swaps of assets, the company has also introduced an easy crypto wallet that functions quite nicely with SimpleSwap.
  • The wallet is also compatible with many different digital assets. The platform offers a 24 hour live chat function, via which issues of users are quickly resolved.
  • SimpleSwap permits instant transactions using cryptocurrency exchanges. funds typically are deposited within a matter of moments.
  • Price alert notifications can also be added to the platform via the mobile app as well as the history of orders.


  • Affiliate and loyalty programs based on incentives could generate additional lucrative individual exchange rates.
  • The platform provides over 300 dollars to customers through one of the biggest exchanges in the world.
  • SimpleSwap is one of the most simple as well as user-friendly exchange platforms in the crypto market.
  • Has many liquidity providers.


  • SimpleSwap does not have certain of the latest trading tools like automated trading bots, as well as copy trading.


Where SimpleSwap differs when compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, is in the approach and methods it applies in order to move away from the established centralized crypto exchanges. SimpleSwap is on a mission to reinvent the crypto industry by switching things around and making the exception become the norm. In other words, they want to move the industry into a completely decentralized territory, one that will provide speed, transparency, and safety.

By offering innovative exchange services, SimpleSwap believes to be on its way to eliminate the gatekeepers and ascend the digital economy for good. The first and major problem when it comes to centralized, custodial crypto exchanges is that they’re vulnerable and susceptible to scams and hacker attacks. The last decade has seen more than a fair share of monumental relapses and breaches, none bigger than the Mt. Gox scandal, where more than 740,000 BTC disappeared from the books, never to be seen or heard of again.

Simpleswap homepage

Even though most of the prominent crypto trading platforms have turned their attention to programming robust and sophisticated security infrastructures, hacking isn’t something that’s just going to go away. In 2020, over $2 billion in digital assets were stolen as a result of crypto theft.

In order to eliminate the target that big custodial platforms have on their backs, SimpleSwap employs a non-custodial model in which they never touch or store customer funds. Furthermore, because it doesn’t have to utilize its computing power for processing, the platform can allow itself to reduce its downtime to less than 1%.

Bitcoin and Other Supported Cryptocurrencies

Another limiting thing that SimpleSwap is looking to bypass is the tedious process that the platform has to go through when bringing a new digital asset into the fold. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have to go through every new asset’s digital framework, which features long AML and Simple Swap KYC checks that can verify that the coin is in fact real and that it can function as part of a liquidity pool. Even if the coin turns out to be genuine and in order, if there is no sufficient interest and demand for it, it will only be a burden to the platform because it will always be deficient in liquidity.

SimpleSwap supported crypto

Another thing that non-custodial exchanges such as SimpleSwap can offer over custodial exchanges is lower fees. There is no need to charge backdoor fees for services that no one needs because there are no limits on processing. Much like centralized and decentralized banking, decentralized crypto exchange platforms move the control and power away from the individual or collective and place them in the hands of the people.

This is, to a large extent, made possible by SimpleSwap’s network of partnerships through which the platform gets its liquidity. They allow the platform to make instant swaps a tangible commodity. The trading platform supports an excess of over 300 crypto and fiat currencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), Theta Network (THETA), Tezos (XTZ), Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), TRON (TRX), EOS (EOS), Monero (XMR), USD, Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), ZCash (ZEC), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and Ethereum Classic (ETC). For comparison, Binance has an offering of 170 cryptocurrencies.

Simple Swap Exchange Affiliate and Loyalty Program

The SimpleSwap affiliate program is a feature that can be utilized by both the platform’s users and network partners. It works on the same principles that most affiliate programs do – affiliates receive a unique referral link that they can extend outside of the platform’s premises and get a Bitcoin cut of the revenue share.

Simpleswap affiliate program

SimpleSwap’s Loyalty Program works in the opposite direction. It is made internal, as a way of incentivizing and rewarding users. Higher stature members are eligible for bigger rewards. The stature is determined by the overall number of Simple Swap Token per user regardless of Simple Swap token price.

IRON membership status is reserved for users that have acquired more than 1,000 Simple Swap Coin, which makes them eligible for a 0.25% cashback.

Simpleswap loyalty program

Users who have 3,000 or more SWAP tokens enter SILVER membership status and receive 0.5% on cashbacks; GOLD membership status is acquired by collecting 5,000 SWAP tokens that comes at a 0.75% discount, while the best of the best lies under the PLATINUM members umbrella, where users with more than 10,000 SWAP tokens under their name can enjoy a full 1% cashback on purchases.

Simple Swap Fees and Limits

Deposit FeesTransaction FeesWithdrawal Fees


Depends on Currency & Payment Methods


SimpleSwap does not employ any fees or limits on exchange rates. Users are free to swap crypto as much as and as frequently as they wish without low or upper thresholds on deposits and withdrawals. The only fee that the platform does administer is the blockchain network fee on a per transaction basis. This fee is not administered at a fixed rate because the market is constantly in flux. Overall, Simple Swap offers some of the best rates out there!

Is SimpleSwap Safe to Use?

As users do not need to have an account on the platform in order to participate in and execute trades, the platform does not come across the funds and assets that pass through it. Even if someone were to break in, they wouldn’t have access to any user information or funds, as non-custodial crypto exchanges do not store any sensitive data on their servers.

SImpleswap exchange features

SimpleSwap’s network partners are all regulated and compatible with AML (Anti Money-Laundering) regulations. They retain the right to ask SimpleSwap to audit users to a SimpleSwap KYC test if they suspect suspicious activities or foul play. In that case, users will need to provide a government-issued ID and reveal their identity. This is a way of uncovering suspicious activities and eliminating the risks and hindrances that might come as a result. However, users can simply back off from the transaction by canceling the order and their funds will be returned to their wallets.

Also, take note that when it comes to safety, you should beware of sites that use SimpleSwap logo. Those could be phishing sites! Checking SimpleSwap Trustpilot reviews might be helpful to avoid SimpleSwap scam.

Customer Support

Most crypto exchanges have had a hard time adapting to the onslaught of new crypto traders, the expansion of blockchain technology, and the breakneck pace at which the crypto industry is evolving. This is reflected in the untimely and sluggish response times of customer support services.

Simpleswap customer support

SimpleSwap has tackled this by mandating a 24-hour turnaround on quarries as well as an extensive knowledge base under the FAQ section. The best and quickest way to reach the platform and its customer support team is to contact them through their official social media pages, or send an email at

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Frequently Asked Questions

SimpleSwap features a fully-fledged mobile app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The app works much like the main platform itself. Users just need to download it from the app store and make use of the search bar in order to locate the cryptocurrency they’re after. That’s it! From there on, they can execute crypto swaps, track their history, run their affiliates, discounts, and get in touch with the support team.

In order to kickstart an exchange process, users need to access, pick their desired digital asset and provide a third-party wallet address and wait for their order to appear on their balance sheet. Even in the most extreme cases, assets are usually processed in less than an hour, but if everything is running smoothly, users can expect to receive their assets in less than 10 minutes.

SimpleSwap facilitates instant transactions via exchanges in cryptocurrency, and the money is typically transferred within only a few seconds. Apart from instant exchange or swaps of assets, the company also has launched a simple crypto wallet that integrates effectively with SimpleSwap.

5 to 60 mins The exchange time for coins usually ranges between 5 and 60 minutes. Rarely, longer time is needed. The speed of processing is determined by the time it takes an individual block to be included into the network. The majority of operations take only one or two minutes.

Is Simple Swap legit? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we always get. And the short answer is, yes, it is legit.

SimpleSwap has a high level of security that is on level with other major exchanges like Coinbase and platforms in the decentralized financial market. The wallet that is offered by the company comes with a high security rating because of its AES encryption technique.

SimpleSwap does not charge extra fees for withdrawals since they don't hold any cryptocurrency to begin with. They're an instant exchange and the cryptocurrencies you purchase are bought through different marketplaces (Binance, Kraken etc.).

You can now not just exchange cryptocurrency with SimpleSwap but you can also buy or sell it using cash! With the help of their partner Mercuryo it is now possible to convert 14 fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP UAH, RUB UAH as well as TL cryptocurrency right through their website.

SimpleSwap is a quick cryptocurrency exchange. It is free to the moment you sign up and features a user-friendly interface with a simple exchange procedure.

SimpleSwap isn't available within the United States, and American citizens will need to search for a different platform, even though no two platforms are identical generally. As previously mentioned, the fiat currencies supported by SimpleSwap include US Dollar, GBP - Sterling Pound, Euro, and some additional.

There is no sign-up requirement No sign-up, no sign-up, KYC or limitations on the amount of coins that you can exchange i.e. You can exchange as much cryptocurrency as you like. The SimpleSwap trading platform is integrated with the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges to rapidly identify which exchange rates are most lucrative.

The official website of SimpleSwap didn't really tell what does their name mean. But we think, it obviously means 'Simple Swap.' Or in other words, exchanging or trading on this platform is simple and easy.

Fun fact: Even with its very simple name, SimpleSwap is still misspelled as simpelswap, simpleswip, simplesawp, simplewap, simpswap, and simoleswap.

It depends where you live - if you profit on your SimpleSwap trades or investment, you might be asked to pay taxes. Check with your local regulations to make sure.

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